Does Your Garage Need Garage Door Springs Tune-Up?

Having a garage door installed is a major investment and should be treated as such. There are multiple components of every garage door. The spring is one of the components that takes on a lot of abuse and can become damaged over time. Being aware of the signs a garage needs garage door springs tune-up will help homeowners to be prepared to seek repairs right away.

Signs the Spring Needs a Tune-Up

Because the spring is one of the most important components of the garage door, it stands to reason it can experience damage over time. Should a homeowner notice any of the following, it is likely their garage door spring needs a tune-up.

  • When the garage door is making strange noises during operation, it needs to be repaired right away. Strange noises are often caused by a spring that needs attention.
  • If the door seems to resist or is overly heavy during operation, it may be time to for a tune-up. Regular tune-ups will help prolong the lifespan of the door and prevent repair issues from arising.
  • Doors that suddenly seem to fall very heavily need to be checked. When the spring is not operating properly, it can cause the garage door to suddenly sink without warning and this can be dangerous.
  • If the rollers make large vibrations during operation, the doors will begin to shake. When this problem worsens, homeowners may find the door completely slips off the track and falls, causing major damages.
  • If both sides are not even when the door is opening or closing, this could be a problem with the spring being stretched beyond the normal level. This problem will continue to worsen until repairs are carried out.
  • When the garage door is opened or closed, it should glide smoothly on the tracks. If the door seems to jump or skip during the process, the spring may need to be tuned.

Call the Professionals Right Away

A garage door that is not operating as it should needs to be checked by the professionals. Routine maintenance and prompt repairs will help to keep the garage doors operating as they should.